Unisex sunglasses Kilpi RENOU-U white

Akční produkt Unisex sunglasses Kilpi RENOU-U white od předního výrobce Kilpi máte možnost najít zrovna dneska za mimořádně nízkou cenu! Nyní pořídíte jen za 892 Kč.
EAN: 8592914688662
Unisex sluneční brýle Kilpi
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Značka: Kilpi
892 2 749 Kč Sleva -67%

The Kilpi RENOU-U sports sunglasses have a very light half-frame construction and stylish polycarbonate mirror lenses. It also suits smaller faces. The package also includes replaceable lenses, one transparent and the other yellow for fog and low light conditions. The shape of the glasses is compatible with the shape of the bicycle helmet. Anti-slip silicone sides and nose saddle hold well and do not slip. Lens category three is suitable for bright and very bright sunny days. The transmission of the glasses is 8-18%, UV 400. The package includes a sturdy padded case and a soft cloth for cleaning the glasses. The weight of the glasses is 33g. We have several color variants to choose from.

Material composition: 100% polycarbonate, rubber