Look Made With Love Woman's T-shirt 830 Film

Ve slevě produkt Look Made With Love Woman's T-shirt 830 Film od společnosti s dlouholetou tradicí Look Made With Love máte možnost nakoupit zde nyní opravdu výhodně! Aktuálně za super cenu 849 Kč. EAN: 5903999304164
Look Made With Love
849 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 1 899 Kč Sleva -55%
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The refined shape of Tshirt, its neckline in the form of a delicate Vneck, which you can nonchalantly lower on the shoulder. Comfortable, loose form that will easily fit your figure. It's a basic that will work in many casual and other styles. It has been planned in such a way that it is smooth on the front, you can easily wear it even with a business jacket, and on the back a fancy print with an optimistic manifesto, which will give your styling a sense of ease and nonchalance. The blouse is made of soft, delicate and elastic viscose, which keeps you cool, breathable and natural. Our T-shirts do not know toxic paints, artificial ingredients, the smell of a stuffy hall on the other side of the world, they are fully biodegradable and fair-trade sewn.Material: 95% Viscose 5% ElastaneWashing instructions: 30°C Machine wash, do not tumble