Kilpi INGLIS-U sunglasses pink

Oblíbený a akční výrobek Kilpi INGLIS-U sunglasses pink od dodavatele s dlouholetou historií Kilpi získáte již dnes za nejnižší cenu! Nyní pořídíte za 849 Kč. EAN: 8592914596622
Kilpi INGLIS-U sunglasses pink
Značka: Kilpi
849 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 1 449 Kč Sleva -41%
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Kilpi INGLIS-U sunglasses have an ultra-light frameless construction and stylish colored lenses that are suitable for running, hiking or cycling, for example. The weight of the glasses is 25g. Anti-slip silicone sides and nose saddle ensure stability and comfort when wearing. Lens category 3, suitable for bright and very sunny days. The transmission of the glasses is 8-18%, UV 400. We do not recommend wearing in the dark or poor visibility. The package includes a sturdy padded case and a soft cloth for cleaning the glasses. We have several color variants to choose from.

Material composition: polycarbonate, rubber