WOOX Soccus Cubum Vesper socks

Výjimečný a žádaný kousek WOOX Soccus Cubum Vesper socks od populárního výrobce WOOX můžete sehnat zde teď za výprodejovou cenu. Nyní za 171 Kč. EAN: 8595564808879
WOOX Soccus Cubum Vesper
Značka: WOOX
171 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 228 Kč Sleva -25%
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85% of the weight of these socks is made of combed cotton. Another part of the composition is 10% polyamide, which we used for reinforcement in the most demanding places, and 5% elastane, which gives them the necessary flexibility. The socks also have silver Ag + ions, which have antibacterial properties. They wash at 40 ° C and do not like ironing. Design and production of completely European origin.