Women's thermal underwear VoXX merino black (IN04)

Tento designový výrobek Women's thermal underwear VoXX merino black (IN04) od společnosti s výborným jménem Voxx můžete koupit tady a teď za báječnou cenu! Teď v akci 1 012 Kč. EAN: 8596281018503
Women's thermal underwear VoXX merino black
Značka: Voxx
1 012 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 3 099 Kč Sleva -67%
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VoXX – women's thermal underwear Two-layer wool functional underwear which consists of an outer layer of spun merino wool (CLIMAYARN) and an inner layer of polypropylene silproX, which contains silver ions. This combination ensures the highest comfort, great breathability and great removal of sweat from the body. Moisture passes through the inner layer very quickly and in the outer layer it is absorbed and gradually evaporated thanks to the properties of merino wool. Due to the natural properties of wool and silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect, the formation of bacteria and fungi is greatly reduced. Bacteria in laundry are naturally eliminated by silver and no odor is formed. – Material – merino wool – Composition – 60% polypropylene, 40% merino wool – Wash – 30 ° C – Dryer – no – Ironing – no