Unisex running knee socks Kilpi COMPRESS-U black

Nový výrobek Unisex running knee socks Kilpi COMPRESS-U black od populárního výrobce Kilpi jednoduše seženete na našich stránkách teď právě extra se slevou! V akci za cenu 467 Kč.
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Unisex běžecké podkolenky Kilpi
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Značka: Kilpi
467 799 Kč Sleva -41%

Thanks to the compression function, Kilpi COMPRESS-U compression knee socks provide support and better muscle regeneration, better microcirculation and blood circulation to the skin. Of course, knee socks also serve as protection against the cold, help to drain and absorb moisture, and also protect runners or cyclists from chafing. Functional zoning copies the shape of the calf muscle, instep and ankle. The upper hem with transverse mesh is flexible and elastic enough, does not restrict blood flow and does not constrict. The breathable and thin ventilation knit on the instep is more breathable and breathes well. There is an elastic hem around the instep that prevents the sock from gathering. The knuckles, heel and toe are made of a pleasant plush knit against pressure sores. The silver ions in the knit have a slightly antibacterial effect. Thanks to polyamide and elastane fibers, the sleeve is sufficiently flexible and strong in tension. Choose from three sizes and four colors.

Material composition: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane