Trendyol Brown Stand Up Crop T-Shirt

Výjimečný a žádaný kousek Trendyol Brown Stand Up Crop T-Shirt od přední značky Trendyol jednoduše můžete najít zde teď za výborné peníze. Teď v akci 195 Kč. EAN: 8683046193541
Trendyol Brown Stand Up Crop
Značka: Trendyol
195 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 459 Kč Sleva -57%
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The product in the image is size S/36.; 100% Cotton, Knitted Fabric; Crop Pattern: Short, plain and basic pattern has a different stance on every outfit. While this stance both positively affects the outfit, it also emphasizes the body measurements of the wearer. It is mostly combined with a high waist bottom group.; Height: 45 cm; In studio shots, colors may vary due to the difference in light.