Slazenger Sports T-Shirt – Navy blue – Slim fit

Tento nejprodávanější produkt Slazenger Sports T-Shirt - Navy blue - Slim fit od výrobce s mnohaletou tradicí Slazenger jednoduše pořídíte momentálně na webu výhodně. Nabídka od 215 Kč.
EAN: 8681174538548
Slazenger Sports T-Shirt - Navy blue
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Značka: Slazenger
215 599 Kč Sleva -64%

PRODUCT and MATERIALS INFORMATION; Sleeve :Sleeveless; Collar: Cycle Collar; ; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION; Stock Code :ST10TK025-500; Slazenger T-shirt helps to stay dry and cool. The mesh texture of the fabric increases the breathability of the body. With its reflective design in neon models, it makes training possible by increasing visibility in dark and dim environments. At the same time, its designs suitable for daily use help you closely follow the trend on the street, at home and at work. The Slazenger men’s top offers a style that represents comfort on the run and in all other active moments. Thanks to its light and breathable design, it gives the person freedom of movement.