Messenger Bag NOBO L3580-C008 Green

Tento designový produkt Messenger Bag NOBO L3580-C008 Green od kvalitní společnosti Kesi můžete získat na našich stránkách nyní za akční cenu. Pouze nyní za 749 Kč. EAN: 1210002890694
Messenger Bag NOBO L3580-C008
Značka: Kesi
749 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 599 Kč Sleva -71%
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The NOBO women's handbag is made of high-quality material. On the front there is the NOBO brand logo. The bag has two compartments that are closed with a zipper. In the middle of one chamber there is a zippered pocket, while in the other there is an open pouch . The bag has a decorative, non-detachable chain. Between the chambers there is a hidden pocket with a latch.
Width – 25 cm
Height – 15.5 cm
Thickness – 4 cm