Koton Women's Gray Button Detailed Sweater

Zajímavý produkt Koton Women's Gray Button Detailed Sweater od našeho předního výrobce Koton lze získat na našich stránkách teď za nejnižší cenu! Produkt koupíte teď u nás za 288 Kč. EAN: 8682261364019
Koton Women's Gray Button Detailed
Značka: Koton
288 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 899 Kč Sleva -67%
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The Product Image is Representational. An Exactly Compatible Model Will Be Sent to Your Vehicle. It is manufactured using high-tech thermorubber in accordance with international quality standards. It does not cause allergies. It does not smell. It does not deform. It is made of ecological, nature-friendly, recyclable material. It is made of high-quality material with high durability from 50°C to +80°C. It does not lose its shape. It has a non-slip surface. It has fixing slots. It is specially made for your vehicle. It has .3~4 cm high pool surfaces. It protects the floor of your vehicle from dirt such as water, dust and mud. It can be easily cleaned with water. According to the vehicle, with its special left footrest tongue and its shape that fits under the pedal; It ensures driving safety. It is the price of the front / rear set. It is an original product that is fully compatible with the vehicle model in the ad. It definitely does not smell. Easy to clean