Koton Jeans – Blue – Slim

Super produkt Koton Jeans - Blue - Slim od dodavatele se skvělou pověstí Koton máte možnost nakoupit na našich stránkách teď právě za super peníze! Cenově vychází na 599 Kč.
EAN: 8683353833482
Koton Jeans - Blue
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Značka: Koton
599 1 799 Kč Sleva -66%

Koton baby boy pants models are ready to accompany the energy of babies at any moment! Cotton, pocketed, slim fit jeans accompany your baby with comfort. Your baby is safe with this outfit! Our products are tested against chemicals and produced in accordance with all safety rules. Harmful to health in our products; There are no paints and heavy metals, small and sharp parts that can be dangerously swallowed, cords and laces.