Coccine Polishing Cleaning Brush

Designový kousek Coccine Polishing Cleaning Brush od výrobce s dobrým jménem Kesi snadno můžete sehnat právě teď u nás za výborné peníze. Nyní pořídíte od 93 Kč. EAN: 1210000611093
Coccine Polishing Cleaning Brush
Značka: Kesi
93 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 289 Kč Sleva -67%
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Brush for cleaning and shining shoes made of split horsehair. After applying shoe polish, use the brush for polishing, also recommended for cleaning suede and nubuck shoes. In doing so, it does not cause damage to it. Remember! Before impregnating shoes, they should be thoroughly cleaned and brushed. Do not maintain, condition, impregnate dirty footwear.
Brush dimensions: 12cm x 4cm
Hair length: 2cm.