Chocolatte swimsuit (2) (bra + shorts + thong)

Nový produkt Chocolatte swimsuit (2) (bra + shorts + thong) od výrobce se skvělou pověstí Ewlon máte možnost sehnat tady za výborné peníze! Právě lze objednat jen za 552 Kč.
Chocolatte swimsuit (2) (bra +
Značka: Ewlon
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A three-piece bathing suit, perfect for spending your vacation by the water. You can wear it as a set or create your own arrangements, also with other models – the set includes an underwired push-up bra with stiffened cups, shorts and plain thongs. The bra is perfect for smaller breasts – it works best for them, enlarges them and exposes them sensually in the neckline. Push-up removable from the model. The circuit is conveniently fastened on the back with a buckle, the length of the straps is adjustable. Italian fabric, quick-drying, covered with picturesque flowers. Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Costume size
Breast circumference where the bra fits best
Circumference under the bust
Hip circumference (panties fit best on it)
Fig. Height
 82-83 cm
68-73 cm
up to 90 cm
20 cm
 84-85 cm
71-76 cm
up to 92 cm
20,5 cm
86-87 cm
74-79 cm
up to 94 cm
21 cm
88-89 cm
77-82 cm
up to 96 cm
21,5 cm